Hawaii Engagement Photography

Engagement photography and couples photography is where I started with this whole Hawaii portrait photographer adventure, more then 10 years ago…

I still remember my very first couple shoot so long ago. They didn’t know that it was my first official shoot for my brand new photography company. They had seen work I had done online, mostly of friends and while working for other people. But this was my first time all on my own. I remember I was so nervous! We went to Waimanalo Beach (on the Windward side of Oahu), a location that I still adore and use more then any other place in Hawaii. I had them jumping and spinning and splashing. They were on their honeymoon in Hawaii. They were young and carefree and in love. We all had a great time, and they loved the photos that came from our shoot and years later I still get to see them and their now large family on Facebook. I still hope they never knew how nervous I was!

Thinking back to that first couple photo shoot so long ago I laugh at how nervous I was. A decade later and I have now photographed hundreds of couples on that same beautiful stretch of white sandy beach. When I check my schedule and see that I have an engagement or anniversary or honeymoon session coming up I smile and relax because I’ve got an “easy one.”  An engagement session (or anniversary or honeymoon,etc) is just about taking two people who love each other to a beautiful Hawaii location to laugh, kiss, play and enjoy each other’s company. It is fun, it is easy and I love it!

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