Honolulu Family Portrait’s


I always said “I won’t shoot family photos until I have kids of my own and know what to do with them”. I cheated on this a few times and I admit that it was a huge challenge. Family photos take a whole different kind of energy compared to couples. For every age range you need a whole new persona as a photographer! Now that I am blessed with two wonderful children of my own I have the resources to draw from (and a house full of toys to choose from!) I adore meeting new families to photograph. Each photo session is completely different. I love finding that connection with children while I photograph them, that moment when I get to go from stranger with a camera to buddy to play and have fun with. I have done portrait sessions with tiny babies, too small to hold up their own heads, eyes so bright with wonder. Photos of 6 month old babies, big enough to sit up, not mobile enough to run away! I have spent many family photo sessions chasing 2 year olds around the beach, playing hide and seek with 3 year olds, princess and ninja with 4-5 year olds, busting out “potty” humor with the 6-10 year old set and trying every trick in my book for the teenagers! With all that to think about thank goodness I have the beauty of Hawaii as my backdrop! Whatever it takes, however silly I look, I keep on working for real smiles, instead of “CHEESE” for every family portrait I photograph. Sometimes it’s easy, sometimes I sweat for it, but it is that moment when I capture those real smiles, true moments of love and affection between you and your family in a gorgeous location on Oahu, when I get to remember what I love so much about being a family photographer in Hawaii.

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