Maternity Photo Do’s and Don’ts

Do – spend some time on pinterest researching “looks”, then spend some time in your closet and out shopping. Clothes are an important element of every photo session.

Do – choose form fitting clothes that show off your baby mama curves. Cute maternity and flowing maxi dresses are a good choice for one outfit selection, bikini or halter tops paired with a flowing skirt are another good choice.

Don’t – wear skirts, shorts or pants that are tight at the waistband. A little bit of a muffin top is to be expected during pregnancy 🙂 but we don’t want to accentuate it.

Don’t – wear a long tank and try to pull it up to show your belly, it will look bunched up and sloppy.

Do – choose 2-3 different outfits with different looks, including accessories.

Do – coordinate clothes with your baby daddy and any siblings that are taking part.

Do – put together everyone’s complete outfits and lay them out on a bed or hang somewhere so you can see them together.

Don’t – forget to add cute accessories. Hats, scarves, and jewelry can add so much character.

Don’t – plan to wear any more then 3 outfits. Too many changes will wear you out and take time away from your shoot time.

Do – take time with your hair and makeup. Even if you don’t usually wear makeup and prefer a “natural” look you should spend some extra time to get a bit glammed up. Blow out your hair, bring along a comb or brush, hair pins and touch up lipstick. But…

Don’t – get too wrapped up in looking flawless. When I shoot, we deal with wind, sand and saltwater, and the occasional downpour of rain. The elements will often add an extra challenge but you chose to be in a beautiful location rather then a boring studio, so don’t worry about it. Arrive looking your best and then don’t worry about how you look, we will worry about that for you. Bring a comb, some hairpins and touchup lipstick but don’t be self conscious about your appearance. You look beautiful and we promise to tell you if you have lipstick on your teeth and your hair had become one giant wind blown dread.

Don’t – worry about stretch marks. They are usually easy to remove in photoshop.

Do – Let your photographer know if you are concerned about any pregnancy related symptoms that might impact your maternity photo session. Having photographed dozens of baby bellies, not to mention going through two pregnancies myself, I know all about the many strange things our bodies do during this crazy beautiful time.

Do – bring towels and comfortable clothes to change into, and Do plan on getting wet! Flowing fabrics and flowing water are beautiful accessories to your lovely curves.

Do – Drink plenty of water and bring along snacks. And don’t be shy if you need a break. Being a fabulous model is harder then it looks!

Don’t – worry about rain, wind, sand, your hair, anything about your appearance that concerns you. Let it all go and trust your photographer to take care of those details.

Do – relax, be yourself and have fun! If you are having a great time then your photos are going to be phenomenal!