Oahu Maternity Photography


Every time that I get the opportunity to shoot a maternity photo session I am reminded that I LOVE maternity photography! It is such a beautiful time, the start or addition to a family. A pregnant woman is so radiantly beautiful! One of my favorite things about photographing pregnancies is that even though they are so radiantly gorgeous, pregnant women don’t feel like they are. I have been there ladies, twice, and I know how it feels. But the greatest thing ever about a maternity shoot (besides for everything else) is the transformation that I always see take place in front of my camera lens. Mommy-to-be might have spent the last 8 months feeling dumpy and huge but with just a few tricks out of my book she is feeling like a hot momma in front of the camera. It is a gorgeous and special time that mom, and daddy will want to remember. The amazing curve of her belly, the expectation and excitement, the feeling of those little kicks, a life growing inside. Hawaii is a gorgeous place to have a maternity photo session. If you are on a babymoon and just a little less pregnant, or living in Hawaii the ocean, sand and sunshine over a beautiful tropical landscape is paradise for a maternity shoot.

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