The kind of photography I do is about connection. It's about love. It's about YOU. I get the results I want because I want to know about you. But in case you are wondering, here are a few facts about me:

I grew up in Southern California.

I went to the University of Western Sydney for photography. I lived in Sydney, Australia for nearly 4 Years and loved it.

After getting my degree in Sydney I spent a year travelling through Asia. It was a year of the most amazing experiences and I wish I could travel more.

I moved to Hawaii in 2004 and started my photography business here shortly after.

I married a scuba diving instructor. If you want to scuba dive on Oahu he's your guy. Check out

I have two beautiful children. One girl, one boy. They keep me exceptionally busy. I wouldn’t have it any other way. They are my everything.

I'm terrible at surfing but it's really fun so I do it anyway.

I used to only shoot couples and weddings. I didn't start taking on kids and families until I had my own. It was a GREAT decision. Now I LOVE shooting kids!

I will never stop craving that feeling I get from clicking the shutter at the perfect moment. Catching the perfect light, the perfect landscape and the moment of connection with my clients when we all know we just got a really good one.