What if it’s Raining on the Day of our Photo Session?

This is a question that I hear over and over from people who are looking to book a Hawaii beach photo session while on vacation. I can can understand why this would be a concern, the last thing you want is to book an outdoor photo session in beautiful Hawaii only to have it pouring rain the whole time! So let me tell you a little secret about our weather here in Hawaii, when it rains here it usually comes down for 5 minutes, then clears up for awhile and then maybe, just maybe it will happen sometime later. Here’s another secret, it rains in Hawaii. A lot. Like every single day.
Now here’s one last thing, and it’s the thing that people don’t expect to hear… I actually love it when it rains! I have captured some absolutely stunning photos during those downpours. And if you are already wet then you might as well jump in the water… that will always make for amazing, unique photos, not too mention a good time and great memories!
It is very rare for us to have weather so bad that we would have to cancel a shoot. In over a decade of shooting in Hawaii I have only had a few times where it rained so badly as to affect the shoot. Even with those three we were able to work with what we had (covered areas, umbrellas and just getting wet!) and take some wonderful photos. Two of those three were weddings (pretty tough to reschedule that!)
If we are hit with a rare (usually winter) storm with no chance of clearing we will do our best to reschedule. If rescheduling is completely impossible because of your schedule (or ours) then your retainer fee will be refunded. We do not reschedule for clouds or wind. If there is a little rain here and there then expect a great shoot and watch out for rainbows.
So if you are really concerned about weather then book your shoot near the beginning of your trip. But don’t worry too much and pack a change of clothes, some towels and maybe a cute, color coordinated umbrella, and be prepared to have a fantastic time at your Hawaii beach photo session!