What to Wear for Your Hawaii Photo Session


The way that you prepare for, clothe and present yourself at your photo shoot is just as important as your choice of photographer and location. Do a little bit of research online, spend time in your closets and do some shopping. Before the shoot be sure to wear sunscreen to avoid red sunburnt skin and unattractive tan lines. Make sure that clothes fit properly, that undergarments do not show. Be prepared for it to be windy.



Coordinate but don’t match. Choose 2-3 colors and have everyone wear at least one article of clothing in one of those colors. You can integrate subtle patterns, layers and accessories that blend into these color choices. On a bright beach dark colors (particularly the color black) tend to look out of place. This Pin is my favorite way to choose clothes for a shoot, especially for a large group. Choose your set and then make sure that everyone in your group wears something within the color group.

Choose clothing that you feel good in. You should be comfortable and feel confident and attractive. Choose clothing that fits well and suits your figure.

Absolutely no logos or words. Think solid colors and subtle patterns.

Your feet are going to be in the photos! While we are often barefoot on the beach there will be non-sandy spots along the way. Cute sandals for everyone. Hot heels or awesome boots are not required, but encouraged.

Plan on getting a little wet and choose clothing accordingly. Shorts or pants that you can roll up for men, knee or calf length skirts for women and extra clothes and towels for everyone.


Tips for Kids –

Bring a complete backup outfit that can take the place of the first. Kids will be kids, I once had a boy end up completely (and I mean completely) covered in mud before we had even gotten started. That was the extreme, but I can’t tell you how often I’ve seen toddlers take off their clothes and refuse to put them on after getting a little bit wet at the beach.

For little girls and baby girls wearing dresses please be sure that they are long enough that we don’t have to worry about underwear/diaper showing. Shorter dresses must have appropriate diaper cover or bloomers underneath.


Tips for Women –

It is usually windy on the beach. Long flowing hair is beautiful for pictures but be prepared to tuck some of it away with hair clips or pins if necessary. Choosing a style that is half up is a very good option for windy days. Head bands and flower head leis are also very popular now. A brush or comb in your purse is a great idea. (this all applies to little girls with long hair as well!)

Be careful to choose clothing that is fitted and flattering. Loose clothing can look boxy and shapeless in photographs. Check that undergarments do not show at all.


Tips for Men –

A fresh shave and haircut can be your best accessory.

Wear nice sandals rather then lace ups with socks for beach portraits.

Hats can be great in photos but leave the sunglasses in the car.


Research on your own and check out my What to Wear board on Pinterest for some real examples.